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The 3rd Beijing People Beneficial Cultural Consumption Season

|Updated : 2017-09-19

Dates: September to November, 2015

Theme: The theme of the season was “Consumption of culture, taste of life”.


The event, sponsored by cultural enterprises in Beijing, initiated ten themed activities and ten trade shows on press, publication, radio, film, television, comics, advertisement, art work trade and design service. It covered 16 districts and counties in Beijing. A total of 48.5 million people took part in the season, up by 28.8% over the previous year. Consumption amounted to 11.2 billion RMB, a rise of  10.1% over 2014. With more cultural resources and space for consumption, citizens fostered better consumption concepts and behaviors, and Beijing’s cultural market was vitalized. The event brought both economic and social benefits.


This year’s season’s priorities were on benefits to residents and integration of different sectors. With integrated markets, characterized cultural resources and extended dates, people enjoyed a greater season than ever before.

Cultural Consumption Day, themed on “Joyful Culture, Cyber Life”, was celebrated on August 8. Online campaigns were launched, including Lucky Money on Wechat, Sweepstakes on Wechat and promotions on e-commerce platforms. On-site activities, such as free gift packs and promotions in supermarkets were also initiated. With the integration of material and cultural products and the combination of online and on-site activities, all Beijing’s residents were able to find their own way to celebrate Cultural Consumption Day.   


The 3rd People Beneficial Cultural Consumption Season and 2015 Comic-Con are held in Beijing.


A visitor at an art fair in Beijing.


Visitors to the Beijing International Decorative Creative Design Industry Expo.