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The 4th Beijing People Beneficial Cultural Consumption Season

|Updated : 2017-09-14

Dates: August to November, 2016

Theme: Beneficial Culture, Smart Life


This year over 190 institutes participated in the event and 77.7 million Beijing residents took part in more than 21,000 activities. Direct consumption amounted to 16 billion RMB. Over 17 thousand trade deals, with a volume of 34 billion RMB, were signed during the season. People received benefits valued at 1.74 billion RMB in promotional gifts and price reductions. Both the cultural supply available to them and their potential purchasing power were improved in the season, which has grown into a good service platform in the cultural industry.


The season successfully innovated two programs -- cultural consumption e-coupons and a list of top cultural brands, and established six themes, ten parks and cultural projects in 16 districts.

The six themes were Digital Culture, Creative Design, Heritage of Classic Cultural Products, Emerging Fashion, Integration of Industries and Interactive Experience.

Integration of Industries: Some other popular activities, such as a Fall Wedding Expo and International Vintage Car Show, were incorporated into the season with the traditional ones, which included Beijing Comic-Con and the Beijing Art Exposition.

Creative Design: In order to promote consumption in emerging fields, the season launched “Design Plus” themed activities.

Digital Culture: People had a chance to try innovative types of consumption on new consumption platforms, including the Internet and new media. The season also initiated 58 themed programs including glasses-free 3D and VR comics.

The Dongcheng Cultural Talents (International) Entrepreneurship Park and the Beijing Film Academy Cultural and Creative Industrial Park were built to expand consumption space. Efforts were made to promote their upgrading from traditional commerce-service-driven platforms to compound ones able to balance production and consumption.


Visitors to the 19th Beijing Art Fair.


A performance at the Opera and Drama Festival.