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The 2nd Beijing People Beneficial Cultural Consumption Season

|Updated : 2017-09-14

Dates: Mid-August to Mid-October


Theme: “Consumption of culture, taste of life”


Features and highlights:

I. Careful planning for higher quality

The season is committed to providing mainstream cultural products with top quality and positive energy.


A. Domestic and international top-quality artworks to meet people’s demand for culture


For example, the first International Art Exhibition held during the season featured works from the world -renowned Renoir Art Foundation and Fall Art Salon in Paris. It also mounted works preserved by the descendants of eight Chinese art masters including Xu Beihong, Qi Baishi, Pan Tianshou, and Li Kuchan. The exhibition thus favored the public with the summits of both Eastern and Western culture. The approach caused a stir in the local cultural industry

B. Traditional products to create more platforms for cultural heritage


The season provided consumers with an effective access to traditional culture by holding such activities as a National Art Work Exposition, the Agilawood Culture Exposition, the Industrial Art and Intangible Cultural Heritage Carnival, the Carnival for Art Works and Scholar’s Objects, an Auction Month in Golden Fall, and traditional opera performances.


C. Cultural products with positive effects to lead good consumer behavior


During the 2nd Beijing Family Reading Season, over sixty cultural reading activities were held, including “Study of Thoughts” and “Art of Life”. Thousands of families took part in the activities to enjoy the pleasure of reading.


II. More investment for the benefit of citizens


With market resources integrated by government, enterprises are encouraged to invest more in the cultural industry. During the season this year, 6,000 thousand cultural product packages were launched in Beijing. Discounted film tickets and coupons for books together worth 300 million yuan were issued.


III. Integrated Resources for Greater Influence


Cultural resources are integrated. The season this year involves almost all forms of culture products. From traditional amusements such as reading, performance and movies, to national arts including industrial art, intangible cultural products, and antiques, and even to modern products like decoration, jewelry and comics -- citizens are enjoying more space, convenience and independence in their consumption, which is good for cultural markets. The season also marks, for the first time, the integration of tourism, decorative design and cultural resources in the region of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei province, an enrichment for all.


IV. A Model Market for bigger influence


Beijing, as the cultural center of China, should build an open market that plays a leading and influential role in markets all over the country.


A number of enterprises from other provinces and municipalities take part in the event. The potential of Beijing’s cultural market attracts enterprises and artists across the country and even from overseas to join the season. According to incomplete statistics, the season this year has attracted enterprises and exhibitors from over 20 provinces and municipalities and over 50 countries.


V. An active market for more economic benefits


This year’s season, compared with the previous year’s, has been expanded both in time and scale. All activities are improved and have gained good economic benefit. The direct consumption amounts to 10.1 billion RMB, almost double last year’s 5.2 billion RMB.