Cultural and creative talent training held in Beijing

(chinadaily.com.cn)|Updated : 2017-07-10


The signing ceremony of the training class on cultural and creative talents [Photo/ bjwzb.gov.cn] 

A training class for cultural and creative talents was held in Beijing from June 19 to 24 under the initiative of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Office of the Beijing government. 

Differing from previous training sessions, this session, which focused on digital culture and the creative industry, provided attendants with experience of private advisory board. 

Ninety trainees from 76 creative enterprises together with two cultural industry associations and ten enterprises in Tianjin City and Hebei province attended the event. More than ninety percent of those attending were enterprise senior managers.

The lecturers included government officials, renowned experts and scholars and enterprise senior managers who gave talks on the development of digital culture, planning strategy, intellectual property, and other aspects of the creative industry.

The six-day training was divided into lectures with special subjects, group discussions, discussions on the industry, private advisory board sessions and trainee forums. 

More than 50 intentions to cooperate were reached, and six cooperation agreements were signed.

The training was effective in raising awareness of digital culture and the creative industry and of the value of private advisory boards. 

The training is an on-going activity for idea exchanges between cultural and creative talents and enterprises and will play a positive role in promotion of the integration of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei regions in the cultural and creative industry. 

Nearly 500 senior executives from 479 cultural and creative organizations have attended this or previous sessions of the training.