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New Culture in Beijing launched

(chinadaily.com.cn)|Updated : 2016-08-18


The fourth Culture in Beijing is launched in Chaoyang Park on Aug 16. [Photo/bjwzb.gov.cn] 

The fourth Culture in Beijing was launched in Chaoyang Park on Aug 16, which will provide consumers with more than 150 types of cultural products and services over the next three months. 

The Beijing government will give out cultural consumption e-coupons with a value of 10 million yuan ($1.5 million) through an official Wechat account; consumers will be able to use these e-coupons in 59 organizations in art, press, publication, radio, film, television and cultural e-commerce. 


Wang Ning, vice-mayor of Beijing, gives a speech at the opening ceremony of Cultural Consumption Season. [Photo/bjwzb.gov.cn]

The e-coupons demonstrate government's financial support of cultural industries and will motivate cultural consumption. Also, China Minsheng Bank will release a CMBC Beijing Culture-Easy Card.

The CIB will choose the top 50 cultural brands by online vote, media recommendations and expert appraisals. Specific categories are the top 10 brands in cultural and creative products, cultural trip routes, cultural consumption landmarks, sports events and art exhibitions and shows.


Wu Jiangbo, director of the Ministry of Culture’s Cultural Industries Department, gives a speech at the ceremony. [Photo/bjwzb.gov.cn]

In addition, the CIB4 will offer six special exhibitions in digital culture, creative design, classic and traditional culture, new fashion, special events and interactive experience. The digital culture exhibition will focus on artwork e-commerce, digital publication and online travel services. 

The creative design exhibition has many decoration and design shows in Wangfujing, Xidan Joy City and other famous business districts. The classic and traditional culture exhibition includes the China International Youth Art Festival and the Beijing International Youth Drama Festival, and will hold book signings, lectures and art exhibitions. 

The new fashion, special event and interactive experience exhibitions will feature anime carnivals, film shows, sports events, topic trips, special product sales, and many other fascinating activities.


Zhou Maofei, executive director general of the SOCASAO, introduces the activities during the CIB4. [Photo/bjwzb.gov.cn]

And, as there are more and more cultural parks in Beijing such as 798 Art Zone and 751D-Park, the festival has chosen ten, including Star Theater, Olympic Rowing-Canoeing Park and Fun Capital, to hold various special activities and cultural product sales, among them the Qinglong Style Creative Fair, the Original Design Carnival and the Beijing Colorful Carnival.

At the ceremony, the Beijing State-owned Cultural Assets Supervision and Administration Office (SOCASAO) signed cooperative agreements with Sinocap Media (Beijing) Co., Ltd, China Minsheng Bank and Beijing International Advertising & Communication Group Co Ltd on cultural creative industries projects and the Beijing Culture-Easy Card.

Sixteen districts of Beijing will also hold activities based on their own specialties and traditions. For example, Dongcheng will hold a Nanluoguxiang Drama Festival, a food fest and a Wangfujing International Brand Fest.

The activity is co-sponsored by the SOCASAO, the Beijing Cultural Bureau, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television and the Beijing Municipal Administration of Cultural Heritage.